RepCon Services Limited



About Us

RepCon Services Limited started in 2000.  The Directors had a keen interest in establishing a small to medium sized company in the emerging construction industry.

Based in St. Augustine, RepCon's objective is to be the leading medium sized contracting company in the North to North Eastern region of the country. The company has a strong history operating with the domestic sector of the construction industry (private customers); however, at the beginning of 2010, a strategic decision was made to penetrate into the commerical market.

This stategic approach, spear-headed by Heather Gabriel, a young entrepreneurial business advocate, is based upon creating a team of highly experienced construction consultants ranging from excavation and augering to foundation to finish , landscaping and fabrication works.

RepCon was re-launched with a new structure, new alliances.  The company has strengthened its capacity to meet its Clients' needs which has fueled and sustained its steady growth within the industry.

RepCon focuses on delivering projects on time, within budget and foremost, client satisfaction.